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A consumer call for more responsible food choices

Consumers are concerned about the state of the environment and the impact that modern lifestyles and globalization are having on natural resources. They feel that health and sustainability are interlinked. Damage that is done to the environment, has a direct impact on their wellbeing.

A healthy environment is indeed considered as a key contributor to overall health. More than 3 in 4 consumers globally consider it as a very important contributor, even more important than typical health staples, like a balanced diet or an active lifestyle. And consumers are ready to make changes to their diets in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Examples are reducing or eliminating dairy and meat, buying more local, checking environmental credentials of food products and reducing food waste.

People absolutely expect the food and drinks industry to be involved in creating a more sustainable society. They look for transparency in the production process, expect companies to take up their responsibility to protect the environment and act sustainable; ranging from reducing their carbon footprint to ethical sourcing.

But irrespective of environmental concerns, it needs to be remembered that consumers are not always altruistic. Indeed, they will not necessarily buy a product simply because it is more sustainable. Environmental claims also need to be positioned around offering a benefit to the consumer, e.g. superior taste and texture.

Veggie Cuisine Crisps

Veggie cuisine crisps

Consumers love the power of plants and many consider a plant-based diet as better-for-me and better-for-the planet due to the avoidance of meat. These veggie cuisine crisps are not only a delicious meal or suitable snack for vegetarians, they are nutritious bites with an excellent source of wheat protein, a crispy crust and a tender center. Be inspired by the sustainable power of plants.

Sustainability gluten free organic cookies

Premium organic biscuits

Enjoy these wholesome biscuits made of organic ingredients from chicory root and rice. It is a good-for-you treat to accompany your tea time being also high in fibre and free from gluten. Go for a bite with great taste and texture provided by nature.

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