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World of Diets

Consumers adopt a variety of diets to suit their lifestyle and beliefs

71% of global consumers believe that maintaining a balanced diet is ​very/extremely important in contributing ​to their overall health. But consumers’ personal definitions of health drive the fragmentation of diet beliefs, behaviours and markets.

Recent popular diets, from keto to intermittent fasting, from more protein and sugar reduction to fewer and better carbs, and even plant-based, illustrate that people are becoming more comfortable asking what foods are right for them and are willing to experiment to find the best diet plan for their body.

Indeed, consumers find it rather difficult to judge whether a product is healthy or not. They start looking for information on product packages, scrutinizing the ingredients and the nutritional details, but also more consumers rely on technology to find the most appropriate food.

Collections of personal statistics via smart devices or apps has allowed consumers to learn what sets them apart and identify the health consequences of their habits. Weight wellness has always been an over-arching driver for consumers to dive into the latest diet trend.

Due to the global pandemic, consumers are also increasingly interested in preventative measures that will help them improve or maintain their health status to delay or to prevent the onset of diseases.

Inspiring diet product concepts

Concept Vegan Cheese cake plant based indulgence

Vegan cheesecake

With our new plant-based cheesecake recipe, we guarantee you all indulgence. Explore the taste of spiced biscuit with an extra smooth and creamy vegan topping, no matter whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or you look into new taste sensations.

Proteine Pal concept

Protein Pal

Following a high protein diet as part of your active lifestyle? Grab Protein Pal, a nutrient-packed bite made with natural ingredients. It delivers a high quality blend of plant protein and slow-release carbs to keep you powered in a balanced way. Snack mindfully with a chewy texture and a bit of crunch thanks to rice crisps.

Concept Keto dark chocolate bar

Keto dark chocolate bar

Indulge and still follow a keto diet. Enjoy a dark and decadent chocolate bar which is reduced in sugars, a source of plant-based fibre and vegan friendly as well.