Ingredients for bakery products – applications for human nutrition.

Apart from wholesome breads, baked products are often linked to having an indulgent treat filled with fat and/or sugar. But even when we give ourselves this moment of (guilty pleasure), we’ll try to limit the impact on our health. Finding a balance between health and indulgence is the Number One challenge for consumers. On one hand, people look for more healthy nutrients in their food, like extra natural fibre or protein in high quality bread. On the other hand, they want to cut out/limit “the baddies” from their food. Just a few of our latest researches show that:

  • More than 50% of Americans worries about the sugar levels in their sweet/ nut-based spreads.
  • Almost a third of the English adults would eat more desserts if these were low-fat.
  • Just under 60% of Europeans finds biscuits with less sugar appealing.


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Solutions in bread & bread products.

  • Add BeneoPro VWG in bread recipes to optimize dough properties, increase the bread volume and improve its crumb texture.
  • Go for a source of protein claim with BENEO’s rice-based or wheat-based protein and meet the latest trend.
    An unique combination of BENEO rice starches and flours ensure good volume and fine crumb structure in gluten-free breads, securing a high quality product with non-sticky bread texture and a pleasant taste.
  • With Palatinose™ in the coating of a donut glaze (or icing), the quality (e.g. less sticky) is improved and the shelf-life of fresh and frozen donuts can be increased.
  • People preferring white bread will love your fibre-enriched version with Orafti® Inulin as it does not change the colour of the bread texture usually seen with wheat fibre or bran.
BENEO ingredients Bakery Bread application

In-depth information about bread products.

BENEO paper formulating bread and pizza
Paper: Gluten-free bread and pizza dough with rice flour.

Our naturally-sourced specialty rice ingredients, starches, flours and proteins, live up to the highest food safety and quality standards.


BENEO recipe white digestive health bread with Orafti® Inulin and gluten
Recipe: Crisp white bread with prebiotic fibres.

Orafti® Inulin safeguards the original whiteness of the bread and nurtures the gut microbiome, increasing digestive comfort.


Solutions in soft baked goods.

  • Sneak in a fibre claim thanks to the invisible property of our Orafti® Inulin. The cakes are deliciously soft and have an attractive crust colour. On top, they are fibre-enriched!
  • High quality, gluten-free cakes thanks to an unique combination of rice flour & starches. Bake a nice tasting cake with good volume, soft texture & perfect colour.
  • 30% sugar reduction can be achieved with Orafti® Oligofructose or Orafti® Inulin, as it easily takes over the texturizing role from the replaced sugar.
  • With our Orafti® Inulin, fat-reduced cakes are easy to make. Also its sensorial properties are ideal: neutral flavour and no aftertaste ensure a light, yet indulgent treat.
  • As a bulk sweetener, our Isomalt takes over the texturizing role of sugar in cakes and has a pleasant sweetness on top.
BENEO ingredients in bakery soft baked application

In-depth information about soft baked goods.

BENEO recipe sugar reduced muffin with Orafti®Inulin and rice starch
Recipe: Feel-good muffins with prebiotic fibres.

Food for your soul: a new recipe for delicious, high-fibre muffins. Take care of your inner self while giving in to mindful indulgence.


BENEO paper gluten-free cookies and cakes
Paper: Gluten-free cookies and soft cakes with rice starch and flour.

Gluten-free recipe in support of reduced breakage, enhanced crispness and shelf life extension.


BENEO recipe: gluten-free pound cake with rice flour
Recipe: Gluten-free pound cake with rice flour.

Gluten-free recipe for traditional moist, tender and dense vanilla cake.


Webinar about Palatinose™ in bakery products.

Beneo human-nutrition palatinose ts3 donuts

Experts present: Up quality & shelf life in glazings & icings.

Lush icings and glazings can be a feast to the eye. This webinar shows how to apply Palatinose™ and its effect on freshly packed donuts in terms of shelf life and quality after defrosting. Let our experts walk you through the technical and physiological benefits of our ingredients, market insights, consumer concepts and recipes based on top-level food engineering.

Watch webinar

Solutions in biscuits.

  • No added sugar biscuits with Isomalt as a bulk sweetener. It takes over the texturizing role of sugar and has a pleasant sweetness. Isomalt is non-hygroscopic resulting in good manageable dough and very crunchy biscuits.
  • Uplift your gluten-free biscuits to a high quality standard with BENEO rice ingredients. An unique combination of flour & starches from rice provides appealing gluten-free biscuits with palatable taste & crunchy texture.
  • Whether you are after a soft-baked or hard-baked cookie, our Remy range of rice starches offer different texturizing properties to deliver it all.
  • With just one ingredient, you can bake sugar-reduced, fibre enriched biscuits with less calories. Simply replace sugar by Orafti® Inulin or Oligofructose and their texturizing properties ensure consumers happily crunch into your sweetly baked delight.
  • Invisible fibre enrichment with Orafti® Inulin or Oligofructose.
BENEO ingredients in bakery biscuits application

In-depth information about biscuits.

BENEO factsheet healthy biscuit break
Recipe: Sugar-reduced cookies with Orafti® chicory root fibres.

Recipe for mildly sweet cookies with a better bite and prebiotic plus.


BENEO recipe: chocolate chip cookies with Orafti® chicory root fibres
Recipe: Chocolate chip cookies with Orafti® chicory root fibres.

Recipe for sugar-reduced, high-in-fibre goodness with a lower impact on blood sugar levels.


Recipe: Gluten-free cookies and soft cakes with rice starch and flour.
Recipe: Gluten-free cookies and soft cakes with rice starch and flour.

Gluten-free recipe in support of reduced breakage, enhanced crispness and shelf life extension.


Recipe for zero-sugar biscuits with Isomalt and rice starch.
Recipe: No added sugar biscuits with Isomalt and rice starch.

Sugar replacement with Isomalt and texture enhancement with rice starch in no-added sugar biscuits.


Solutions in fat and water-based fillings.

  • Thanks to their texturizing and sweetening effect, Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose can partially replace sugar in your water- and fat-based bakery fillings.
  • On top of reducing the sugar content levels, you can make use of the claims “Source of fibre” or ”High in fibre” with invisible Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose in your bakery fillings; making your dessert offering just that little bit healthier.
  • Go even a step further and make a filling with “No added sugar” thanks to BENEO’s Isomalt. As a bulk sweetener, it gives texture & pleasant sweetness to many lighter versions of the standard water-based bakery fillings.
  • Total and saturated fat reduction in fat-based fillings with BENEO’s rice starch or Orafti® Inulin as these functional ingredients can take over the texturizing role of fat. It is important that rice starch remains uncooked. In this way, it has fat-mimicking properties because the starch granules have similar size as fat droplets.
  • Clean label, delicious textures are possible with Remypure. Remy Rice Starch & Orafti® Inulin both have texturizing properties and can improve the creamy mouthfeel of the filling.
BENEO ingredients in bakery fillings

In-depth information about fat and water-based fillings.

PDF: Coconut egg spread with Palatinose
Recipe: Coconut egg spread with Palatinose™.

Pandan kaya, egg jam with improved gloss and spreadability.


PDF: Sugar-free mooncake with Isomalt
Recipe: Sugar-free mooncake with Isomalt.

Sugar-free, naturally sweet delight with red-bean filling.


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