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Flexitarian-inspired, plant-based solutions.

Flexitarian-inspired, plant-based solutions

Many consumers increasingly feel encouraged to include plant-based meals into a more varied menu. As many as one in four globally are flexitarians. Other than the pleasure of cooking or trying something new, they are drawn to plant-based dishes due to their healthful appeal.

Develop plant-inspired recipes that are simply delicious. With BENEO’s rice ingredients- and textured wheat protein you bring out pure flavours and exciting textures.

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Paper: Texturisers in dairy-free alternatives.

Flexitarians cashew spread

Develop a delightfully light and creamy spread to accompany nachos, wraps or crackers. Our cashew fermented alternative to processed cheese has a velvety smooth texture thanks to BENEO’s rice starch and rice flour.

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Free from, but full of taste.

Infographic cashew based fermented spread

Two in five flexitarians buy dairy alternatives because they like the taste.

The plant movement continues to drive innovation as plant-based dairy and meat alternatives are competing for a place top of shelf. 15% of new product launches of plant-based drinks globally included rice as a dairy alternative ingredient.

Consumers have a multitude of reasons for wanting to incorporate plant-based meat and dairy substitutes into their diet, even if they are not vegan or vegetarian. Sometimes they want to avoid meat or dairy containing foods. Often their core motivation is a healthy lifestyle for themselves that is respectful of the world they live in. But there is more to it… Flexitarians seem to have taken a taste for plant-based. Nearly half of them highlights this as the driver behind their lifestyle.

Discover how you can continue to push your brand forward and make nutritious and tasty food with rice ingredients and textured wheat protein.

Paper: The crème without the crème.


A creamer can lift any coffee by adding flavour and a full-bodied mouthfeel to each sip. With plant-based ingredients each occasion becomes both pleasurable and more mindful, so also dairy-free consumers can enjoy a 100% plant-based macchiato, ‘sin-latté’ or ‘chai sin-latté’.

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Health savvy foodies.

Long-term health is top of mind with consumers everywhere. They perceive more natural foods as better for them. Green and clean ingredients will help you to make more transparent ingredient lists. With rice ingredients and textured wheat protein, you strike a match with a healthier and more mindful lifestyle. And you will hit the flavour buttons of flexitarian consumers at the exact right spot.

I actively take steps to make my nutrition (more) healthy

I actively take steps to make my nutrition (more) healthy

How food is made and what is in it is very important for me

How food is made and what is in it is very important for me

Before I buy a product, I look closely at the on-pack information (e.g. checking nutritional values, checking calories, the label)

Before I buy a product, I look closely at the on-pack information (e.g. checking nutritional values, checking calories, the label)

Paper: Juicy and tender meat-free fillings.

Flexitarians dim sum

Discover our new recipe for plant-inspired dim sum. We added rice starch as a binder to the mixture . Our textured wheat protein quickly retains water and together, they beef up the texture of plant-inspired shu mai, xiao long bao and other savoury buns, croquettes, dumplings, and ravioli.

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Work plant-based foods

Webinar: Plant-inspired and delicious!

Sharpen up your recipe with natural ingredients and create something consumers will thoroughly enjoy. We will share trends and insights into the flexitarian market and show you how our ingredients can help you become the next big thing in plant-based nutrition.

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Webinar on plant based indulgence

Webinar: Innovate for true indulgence with dairy-free desserts.

In this webinar we show you how to make plant-based indulgent desserts, like a smooth vegan cheesecake or a creamy Dulce ‘sin leche’. We’ll share our latest recipes, product concepts and technical footage of a step-by-step recipe approach.

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Inspiring concepts.

Choc bar delightfully dairy-free

Plant-based chocolate bar.

This rice-based, dairy-free treat is a tasty alternative to milk chocolate that’s surely smooth enough to cure any flexitarian’s sweet tooth.
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Plant-based cashew creeminess visual

Love it plant-based.

Make everyday meals and snacks feel as good as they taste, with this versatile dairy-free cashew spread. Discover the functionalities of our rice ingredients.

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veggie cuisine crisps page visual

Vegetarian cuisine crisps.

A simple and surprisingly delicious way to get more greens and plant protein into a daily menu thanks to BeneoPro W-Tex textured wheat protein. Look, taste and sizzle like the real deal, but are 100% plant-based.
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