Palatinose™: A better alternative to common sugars.

PalatinoseTM is a naturally sourced smart carbohydrate, providing full carbohydrate energy (4kcal/g) in a more balanced way thanks to its low-glycaemic profile.  By improving fat oxidation during physical activity, it prolongs energy supply. In addition, it is the first non-cariogenic carbohydrate, gentle on teeth.

PalatinoseTM (isomaltulose) is purely based on sucrose from sugar beet. It is 100 % vegan, kosher, halal and non-GMO.  It is generated through enzymatic rearrangement of the glycosidic bond between glucose and fructose from an α-1.2 linkage in sucrose to an α-1.6-glycosidic bond in PalatinoseTM .

The new molecular linkage of PalatinoseTM is more stable compared to that of sucrose.  PalatinoseTM has a mild, natural sweetness (approximately 50% of sucrose), without any aftertaste. It replaces sucrose on a 1:1 scale and can easily be combined with other sweeteners to achieve a unique and tailored sweetness profile.  PalatinoseTM is a very low hygroscopic powder. It absorbs virtually no moisture and remains stable at a temperature of 25 °C and relative humidity up to 85 %.

Nutritional benefits:

Palatinose™ is derived from natural sugar beet.

Palatinose™ (Isomaltulose) is derived from natural sugar beet.

Perfect free-flowing powder for drinks & blends.

Thanks to its low hygroscopicity, PalatinoseTM is a free-flowing powder that is perfect in powder drinks and blends. It even shows reduced water absorption in blends with other sugars and therefore significantly minimises the risk of caking and lumping.

Helps to improve the stability for beverages.

PalatinoseTM has a much higher acid and process stability than sucrose, highly relevant in isotonic sports drinks that tend to have a pH <3. PalatinoseTM supports maintained osmolality helps create refreshing and rehydrating isotonic, hypo and hypertonic beverages.

Longer shelf life of glazed donuts & other bakery.

Due to a difference in water activity, donut crumbs tend to dry out and the topping becomes sticky over time. This can be countered by controlling water migration between both layers. Water activity of the glaze can be adapted to resemble that of the baked good by using PalatinoseTM. This safeguards the original softness and freshness of prevents stickiness of the glazing; for freshly or packed donuts with extended shelf-life.

We offer ingredient types with a different granulometry. Our experts are keen on helping you identify the solution for your application.

The product range.

PSD in mm
Application specific
Palatinose™ PST-N
PSD in mm
< 0.71
Application specific
various foods & beverages
Palatinose™ PST-PF
PSD in mm
< 0.1
Application specific
fine powder of various foods & beverages
Palatinose™ ST-PA
PSD in mm
< 0.05
Application specific
coated products and tablets

PSD: Particle size distribution; particle sizes apply for 90 % of the product.
Above values are indicative and may vary per specific end application and process.

Videos about Palatinose™.

Energy release of Palationse in comparison to sucrose

Energy release of Palatinose™ in comparison to sucrose.

At a glance: Palatinose™ compared to sucrose – sustained energy release, and more balanced blood glucose levels in support of a healthier metabolism.

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A first hand testimonial of athletes fueling up on Palatinose from BENEO

Sportification with Palatinose™.

Where fat oxidation in endurance sports is of utmost importance. Palatinose™ is the key to success as it helps improve performance levels by releasing its carbohydrate energy in a more sustained way.

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Palatinose – Energy-Drink der neuen Generation für Sportler

Palatinose™, the slow release sugar explained.

Did you know not all sugars are alike? Palatinose™ is a slow release alternative that has a gentle impact on blood sugar levels. It is made from beet sugar and has a mild sugar-like taste.

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Webinar about Palatinose™.

Donut icing with Palatinose™

Experts present: Improved quality & shelf life in icings with Palatinose™.

Lush icings and glazings can be a feast to the eye. This webinar shows how to apply Palatinose™ and its effect on freshly packed donuts in terms of shelf life and quality after defrosting. Let our experts walk you through the technical and physiological benefits of our ingredients, market insights, consumer concepts and recipes based on top-level food engineering.

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In-depth information.

Palatinose™ in support of metabolic health.

Leaflet: Palatinose™ supports metabolic health.

Steady and sustained carbohydrate energy in support of a healthier lifestyle. Added functionality and benefits of good carbs, your fuel for life.



Website: Isomaltulose  – a unique combination of physiological properties.

Get more in-depth information about the health benefits of Isomaltulose for energy management, individual performance and long-term health.


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