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Sugar and Carb Quality

Consumer behaviour around sugar and carbs is complex and fragmented

Consumers seek pleasure and health in an almost equal measure. While more and more consumers are actively taking steps to limit or reduce the amount of sugar in their diet, they are also on a food adventure to treat themselves, especially during challenging times. Permissible indulgence or treats that ease guilty consciences with healthy attributes are the holy grail. That is why having a look at sugar and carb quality is of great importance.

Consumers’ approach to what types of sweetness they accept or reject is complex and fragmented. They embrace all kinds of ways to feel good about their choice. Sugar reduction, no added sugar or no sugar at all are now a normal everyday part of product development in every category.

Naturally sourced sugar replacements such as chicory root fibres can be applied to obtain sugar-reduced foods with a great texture, natural sweetness and less calories. Isomalt allows sugar-free formulations with a very similar sweetening profile to sugar, but with half of the sweetness and half of the calories.

Consumers are also increasingly aware of the difference between good and bad carbs and in certain markets, they begin to respond to low glycaemic messages. With diabetes continuing to be a global public health issue, and diet being key to manage that, BENEO’s Palatinose™ is a smart alternative sugar that is released slowly and in a more balanced way, allowing a lower blood sugar response and related on-pack health claims for blood sugar management. 45% of global consumers (strongly) agree that carbohydrates that are more slowly released are better for health.

Inspiring product concepts

Concept Vivonade black lemonade


Revive your spirits and enjoy a balanced refreshment for body and mind. With Stevia, guarana and Palatinose™, a slow-release alternative sugar from a natural source,
this black lemonade is the perfect match for everyone who is looking for a tasty, yet calorie-reduced beverage in any situation throughout the day.

Concept innocent lemon lime chews

Innocent Temptations

Tropical lemon chews to delight your tastebuds and your day. Feel the summer and enjoy a treat with less sugar and more goodness inside thanks to prebiotic plant-based fibre. It’s good for your conscience and good for your inner wellbeing too.

Concept Refresh Refule sports drink

Refresh & Refuel

No matter, if you like cycling, running or any other kind of exercise, when you are active the right power source matters! As carbohydrates are the key energy source for body and mind, carbohydrate quality is key to refuel and refresh. Be unstoppable with this refreshing sports drink containing slow-release carbohydrates from Palatinose™.

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