Sensorial Foods

Push the boundaries with sensorial experiences

Consumers are increasingly recognizing the influence of texture on food and beverages, allowing a heightened sensory experience and often a greater feeling of indulgence. 7 in 10 consumers globally agree that texture gives food and beverages a more interesting experience.

But food and drink products can engage more senses than taste. They can formulate with vibrant colours, eye-catching shapes, distinctive layers,… name it. Exciting textures and visually engaging food and drinks attract consumers who are looking to buy healthy indulgence products. And if it looks yummy enough to share on social media, that is a great bonus.

But while consumers do want to bring more colour into their lives, they also still want to avoid the negatives, such as artificial colours and flavours. No less than 6 in 10 consumers globally say that the label ‘no artificial colour(s)’ is extremely/very important when shopping for groceries.

Where BENEO rice starch provides a natural alternative to artificial colouring agents in confectionery coatings, it can also enable unique, clean label textures in dairy products or help fine-tune any kind of texture in (gluten-free) baked goods. This takes plant-based indulgence to the next level. Isomalt, the world’s only tooth friendly sugar replacer made from sugar beet, significantly contributes to brilliant colours and innovative coating solutions in confectionery, giving a sweetening profile almost equal to sucrose – but with only half the calories!

Inspiring product concepts for sensorial foods

Re-mix chewing gum sensation.
Re-mix chewing gum sensation.

Remix Chewing Gum

With Remix chewing gums you determine your individual taste. Combine several small pieces in your mouth, explore the crunch sensation and enjoy an experience with multiple senses. All of that sugar-free thanks to ISOMALT and also plant-based. Sounds good, right?

Tropica Blossom Sweets concept
Tropica Blossom Sweets concept

Tropical Blossom Sweets

Let your taste buds blossom with our delicious hard boiled sweets. Thanks to ISOMALT, a plant-based sugar replacer, you can experience a sugar-free and completely new sensorial experience with blood orange, orange blossom and hibiscus extract to create a taste sensation you can’t get enough of.

Brighten the day with Mellow Moments candy.
Brighten the day with Mellow Moments candy.

Mellow Moments

Consumers look for great taste and a combination of textures, such as a crunchy outer and a soft core inside. Enjoy the tropical taste of fresh mango in a sugar-free chewy candy, thanks to Isomalt, a plant-based sugar replacer.

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